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Rollerblading Photoshoot

Our Daughter Jenny's Sweet Sixteen Rollerblading Photo Project.


Besides the love and passion that we have for photography, we love our family and we are always looking for opportunities and ideas to capture special moments for our loved ones. We love to share different ideas with our customers so they can have the opportunity to create something amazing. A lifetime memory using our creative ideas in the form of a photoshoot!

In this specific case, our daughter Jenny just turned 16! We went crazy and went beyond, looking for fresh and good looking ideas to capture her sweet sixteen in a very cool way. We did several photoshoots in different places and different looks. For instance, we did one at a Disney World resort, another at the new Brickell City Center and many other locations, but we love the result that came from this specific photoshoot for her: rollerblading!

We started our project by finding a nice looking, colorful pair of Roller Blades, along with a matching sport outfit that resided well with the colors of her roller blades. We then went with a makeup and hair style that fit perfectly with the occasion. We couldn't forget headphones and her iPhone, it added a techy spin to the pictures. After all, what is a good rollerblading session without music? After putting all of the pieces together and testing with different variables, we were really impressed and ready to look for the location for the real photoshoot!

We looked into several parks, as well as plain streets, obviously the latter was a bit dangerous, therefore, we decided on a park. We absolutely love Amelia Earhart Park, the beautiful trees along with the bicycle tracks made it the perfect location with a close second place belonging to Oleta River Park at Miami Beach.

With everything ready, we set a free day and time so we can do what we love, take pictures! Our daughter Jenny was so excited as well, she is our best model, she also loves photography and is always finding new ideas for herself, as well as for our customers, it runs in her blood! She did a great job as usual by doing the poses perfectly and the final result was stunning!

Here are some of the pics, I would have loved to include all of them! Remember that we can help you get a photoshoot like this, just get in contact with us by texting at 786-219-6147 or sending an email to: holaphotographyfl@gmail.com, we would love to create fresh, cool, and stunning looking photos like this for you and your loved ones!

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