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Our baby Leo's 8 months Camping with a Bear Photoshoot!


Our baby Leonidas or how everyone calls him, Leo, just turned 8 months! We love to take photos of him every month and celebrate big by doing what we love: photos!

During the fall season, we decided on creating an autumn look, the kind of look you see in Gatlinsburg, Tennessee. Unfortunately down here in Miami, FL, we don't get to see the beautiful colors of yellows and oranges! Because of our busy schedule, we were not able to travel far, but fortunately, down here in Miami, we have the parks, and as well as a best friend: Photoshop! Due to my experience being an IT for many years, I was able to skillfully edit Leo's photos and create the look I was looking for.

My beautiful wife had a big and beautiful teddy bear that I gave to her on a special day sometime ago.  A teddy bear is perfect for an autumn look, right? And since we had Gatlinburg, TN on mind, there are plenty of bears over there! We came up with the idea of having the photoshoot at our favorite park: Amelia Earhart Park, we have our baby, our teddy bear and Photoshop, we found a matching outfit for the baby and we chose a sunset time to create a more dramatic look, everything was ready but we feel like something else was needed.

A camping tent! That was the compliment of the photoshoot! It must be one for a child and must match the colors and looks that we were looking for, thankfully our friendly Walmart had the perfect one! Finally, we came up with the idea of adding another plush, a fox for some of the pictures.

Our baby Leo is adorable and being only 8 months, it looks like he enjoy pictures a lot! He did amazingly good by posing perfect, smiling, looking at the teddy bear and the final result couldn't be better! Here are some of the stunning photos that we created and later edited on Photoshop to have those Autumn looks that we wanted to archived.

You love the pictures right? You can also have an amazing memory like this for your little one, just contact us by texting at
786-219-6147 or emailing at: holaphotographyfl@gmail.com, together we will create an idea like this or any other that you have on mind and with the help of our friend Photoshop we can also create the look and feel that you want!

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