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Our Daughter Jenny's Sweet Sixteen Pictures of Belle in Blue Dress


We love Disney! We love it so much that we have all of the movies and we go to Disney World a few times every year, our daughter Jenny loves Disney as well, the parks, the movies and the Princesses, especially her favorite princess: Belle!

Last year for her Quinces, we did an amazing party to celebrate and we did everything based on Beauty and the Beast, the original cartoon movie that is also her favorite cartoon movie. We additionally took wonderful pictures of her as Belle wearing the yellow princess dress. My wife Yenjany, who is a Professional and very talented Hair and Makeup artist did all her hair and makeup to looks exactly like Princess Belle, the party and the photos were amazing! We had such a wonderful time creating all the ideas and making it real! but... we left out something else for her sweet sixteen!

This November, as you probably already know if you read the Rollerblading post, we are celebrating Jenny's sweet sixteen, and we created a few stunning ideas to capture her sweet sixteen memories forever in a very special way, we are sharing some of these ideas here with you dear reader and hopefully future client! Remember that we can help you to create a special photoshoot for you or your loved ones, something fresh and stunning that will last for generations!

We took a trip to our favorite place on earth: Disney World! We celebrated our daughter Jenny Sweet Sixteen for a week! We visited every park and we had a wonderful time, as usual, but this trip had something else special, we took a photo session of our daughter dressed as Belle, but this time with the blue dress that she wears before she became a princess! We did not use that outfit for her quinces, we saved it for her sweet sixteen and we were on the perfect place to make it happens!

In our plan, we had scheduled a visit to Magic Kingdom and the attraction "Enchanted Belle with Tales" to hopefully shoot there in front of Belle's house, but, after reading Disney's dress and costume guidelines, we decided not take the chance because we would probably face the possibility of been denied entrance to the park because Jenny looked exactly like Belle and could be confused with a cast member.

Still looking for the perfect place, we made a short trip to "Celebration Town" looking for a french look that goes well with Belle, but it was still not the place we were looking for. Although there was a bridge and some trees that were good for our first photos, we were still looking for the perfect place, a magical place.

Shortly after we took a few pictures in Celebration Town, we decided to take a trip to Disney Springs (old Downtown Disney) since it is a part of Disney World and did not have any dress restrictions we thought that it would be the perfect place, and what a great decision we made!

We found Disney Springs absolutely magical with plenty of places that look exactly like Belle's town, it was complete with a water fountain and everything! Jenny with her hair and makeup perfectly done by my wife, her blue costume, a book and her physical appearance, looked once again exactly like Belle! The photoshoot was a big success, the only inconvenience we faced was the constant stopping from other visitors that wanted to take a picture with our daughter and even asked her to sign autographs! That's how perfect was the Belle look in our daughter Jenny!

We are sharing some of the pictures with you, and we invite you to create something magical like this with us, we will help you  find the perfect princess costume for your daughter, we will do her hair and makeup so she can look like a real princess and we will recommend the place and everything needed to have the photoshoot of your dreams like we did with our daughter Jenny. Just contact us by texting at: 786-219-6147 or email us at: holaphotographyfl@gmail.com

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