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Our son Johnny's 14th Birthday Arcade Photoshoot!

How to take pictures of a shy guy that doesn't love pictures that much?

Our son Johnny is a wonderful and lovely teenager, but being a boy of his age, he is not into pictures that much unlike our daughter Jenny. Because of this, every time that we want to do a photoshoot for him, we face some challenges, the same as many parents face under the same circumstances. 14 year olds are into videogames, sports, even girls but unfortunately not so much into pictures, but wait, we have the solution! Keep reading to find out how we did it and hopefully you can apply these ideas for your son or, even better, allow us to help you create an amazing photoshoot for your boy, stress free for him and for you!

For a photoshoot to be successful, there are many things that have to go well, even luck! But, we always said that creative ideas are one of the most important thing, everything else revolves around this, and when you face the challenge of shooting a boy that is shy or doesn't like photos, you need to go the extra mile always remembering that photography is the art of creating memories, especially memories of things we enjoy to do! When we are having a good time anywhere and we reach for our phone to capture the memories, most of the time we are doing that because we felt great and enjoying the moment, the company and the place we are at.

With a difficult boy, you need to do exactly the same, go with what he likes most, and go from there! Sounds easy, right? But many parents struggle, and are often left scratching their heads, wondering why the photoshoot went wrong and why it seems so forced. The reason for this is because the parents are making their child doing something they love, rather than photographing the child doing what they love.

In our case, for our son Johnny and his 14 birthday photoshoot, we decided to take him to one of his favorite places, the arcade, Dave and Busters to be more specific. I knew the challenge that would be faced from a technical standpoint due to the darkness in an arcade where no flash is allowed, the only lights are those coming from the gaming machines. But, at the same time, it was an interesting idea because having all of the neon lights on the background would be great if we were able to pull it off, with everything on mind, we headed to Dave and Buster for another Photo Adventure!

Johnny as expected was very happy, we got him a great amount of coins for him to play, keeping him busy and happy, and we took the opportunity here and there without disturbing his playing time and took great, fresh and stunning photos of him! I was very happy that everything went great, I used the neon lights as planned and the result was impressive!

We are sharing some of the photos with you dear reader and hopefully future client. Loving the photos? Just contact us by texting at 786-219-6147 or emailing us at holaphotographyfl@gmail.com to schedule an appointment with us and allow us to help you to create something amazing, fresh and stress free for you and your boy!

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